Apr 16, 2019, 12:15 PM – 5:15 PM
Resorts Atlantic City Casino,
1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, USA



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Don Frommeyer

OCN Chairman

Allen Middleman

SVP, Freedom Mortgage

Jamie Bellingham

Regional VP, Angel Oak

Ralph Rosyneck

SVP, Moneyhouse

Don Mann

SEAL Team Six


Originator Connect Network Mortgage Pro Workshop

Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities & Strategies To Grow Your Originations

12:15 PM

Registration & Networking

Join us and spend a few moments getting to know your fellow originators. Share ideas, best practices and create a local support network.

Horizon Ballroom

12:45 PM

Will Technology Kill The Independent Mortgage Broker?

Horizon Ballroom

Only an open and honest exchange of ideas to improve your business should be expected!

  • Learn how you can “surpass your competition” by doing more loans with technology instead of becoming obsolete.

  • Be ready to hear the “Whole-Tale” of Wholesale Lending?


Allen Middleman is Senior Vice President at Freedom Mortgage with the Freedom Wholesale Division. Mr. Middleman has responsibilities including guiding Freedom Wholesale’s InTouch Group which provides customized experiences for the InTouch Broker within the Freedom Wholesale Environment.

1:45 PM

Reaching Beyond Boundaries

Ocean Ballroom

For the last decade, decorated Navy SEAL, accomplished athlete, and bestselling author Don Mann has been inspiring thousands with the secrets behind his awe-inspiring achievements. In Reaching Beyond Boundaries, Mann brings his much sought-after wisdom to the OCN Mortgage Pro Workshop.

Originators need to know how to set and achieve goals. As an elite Navy SEAL, Mann performed seemingly impossible tasks on a regular basis. Here he details the lessons he learned from his training and shows how the rest of us can apply those teachings to our daily lives in terms of learning to push beyond our internal boundaries and achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves, both professionally and personally. Reaching Beyond Boundaries teaches how to set and conquer both micro- and macro-goals through removing excuses, having the right mindset, and learning from successes and failures.

Making your dreams a reality is possible. For Don Mann, that included becoming a Navy SEAL, serving on SEAL Team Six, becoming the trainer for SEAL Team Six, serving in the CIA, and so much more. Let him show you hw you can begin to realize your fullest potential today.

3:00 PM

Finding Opportunity In Reverse

Are you prepared for one of the fastest growing origination opportunities? Loan origination activities for 2019 continue to reflect the fastest growing homeowner demographic, as 10,000 or more Americans reach age 62, needing specific retirement planning and resource tools as components to a financial longevity strategy. Today’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage will be one of those important components for many. Are you prepared to address the lending needs of older Americans with loan programs, product education, staffing and a marketing plan? Do you need to fast track this demographic to increase your potential growth and marketshare objectives? Let’s expedite the discussion and  begin a pathway to this growing origination opportunity.

Horizon Ballroom

3:45 PM

Why Non QM Should Be Part Of Your Origination Mix

Horizon Ballroom

Times are different today and so is alternative lending. In this informative session, you’ll learn what alternative lending means now and why you shouldn’t ignore non-agency options. With the refi market drying up and overall originations expected to be lower this year, lenders are being forced to find new ways to produce volume. With growth potential of over $100 billion in annual originations, lenders who avoid the non-agency market do so at their own peril. By offering non-agency products, lenders can break into an untapped market, increase their reach and help millions of underserved American homebuyers find a mortgage that fits their needs – ultimately growing their business. Presented by Jamie Bellingham, regional VP of Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, learning objectives include understanding:
•            How today’s non-prime/non-agency market is completely different than the sub-prime of old
•            What programs are available to help challenging borrowers
•            How to identify and reach potential non-QM borrowers
•            How to qualify and actively market to them to add volume
•            How to use alternative lending to successfully differentiate yourself

4:30 PM

Cocktails & Connections Networking Mixer

Join us for an Open Bar networking mixer to build on the successes of the day. Enjoy cocktails and making new connections as we celebrate with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. Reception sponsored by Sharestates.

Capriccio Restaurant

Apr 16, 2019, 12:15 PM – 5:15 PM
Resorts Atlantic City Casino,
1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, USA

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